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Wish List

Quite often the SPCA of Western Quebec receives assistance from the public through the donation of much needed supplies and equipment.  Following is a list of items that the Society is currently in need of.  Should you be able to donate one or more of the following items, contact 819-770-7722 or email us at ahspca@storm.ca with the details.

·        Heavy Duty Clothes Washer/Dryer

·        6 Foot High Chain Link Fencing

·        Fleece Blankets

·        Pork Roll Treats for Dogs (available at Costco, Walmart)

·        Hair Dryer

·        Dry Puppy/Kitten Food

·        Industrial Gas Whipper Snipper

·        Rubber gloves, Disposable latex gloves

·         Clippers-heavy duty, 2-speed cordless

·         Leashes (heavy duty nylon)

·         Collars (heavy duty nylon) all sizes

·         Laminating services

·         Silk screening services

·         Canadian Tire Money

·         Microscope

·         Towels and Linens

·         Large Chewsticks (raw-hides for dogs)

·         Nail Trimmers

·         Small Cat Litter pans (Stainless Steel)

·         Colour digital camera

·         Large wire dog crates

·         Dog/Cat portable carriers

·         Bedding suitable for cat cages

·         Washable Dog and Cat toys

·         Garbage Bags (26”x36”)

·         Cleaning Supplies— Bleach, Laundry Detergent, Dryer Sheets

·         Photocopier Paper

·         Office supplies—File Folders, Post-It Notes, Pens & Indelible Markers, Hi-Liters, Paper Clips, Stapler, Scissors, Tape (all types)