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Adoption Program:


Thank you for visiting the SPCA of Western Quebec website.  We will take a few minutes to explain our adoption program.

Adoption Questionnaire: (.pdf)

In order to help you choose the "perfect match", you will be required to complete a questionnaire telling us about yourself:  your home, any experience you have with pets, etc..  This is an important part of the decision-making process.

The SPCA of Western Quebec reserves the right to refuse an adoption of any animal for any reason to any person.  Reasons for rejection/refusal of adoption applications are not required to be given.


When you adopt an animal from the SPCA, you must fulfill certain conditions as stipulated in the adoption agreement you signed.  The following is an explanation of those conditions.

Information on Animals and Owners:

The first portion of your adoption agreement gives you information on the animal you are adopting.  We ask that you verify that this is the same information as that on the animal's ID card, and that the card belongs to the animal you are interested in.  Our adoption counsellors will verify this; however, mistakes can sometimes be made with littermates.

Mandatory Clause (Health):

All animals at the SPCA of Western Quebec are examined by a veterinarian during their stay, and their vaccinations are brought up to date, if required.  Any necessary treatment required for possible ailments are also given to our shelter animals.  However, should an animal be exposed to viruses, parasites, etc. shortly before their adoption, it is very possible that symptoms may not occur until after their departure to their new home.  As a result, the adoption contract requires the adopter to have the animal examined by a veterinarian at their own expense within the first 7 days after adoption.  This is for the protection of the adopter, should any health issues arise during this period immediately following adoption.

If the veterinarian finds that the animal's medical condition is unsatisfactory, you have the option of bringing the animal back to the SPCA and receiving a full refund for the amount paid to adopt it.  However, the SPCA is not responsible for any of the medical costs incurred because of the examination.  In addition, you are responsible for any additional medical costs related to the care of the animal (i.e., stool sample, medication, vaccination, etc.).

If you do not have the animal examined by a veterinarian within the first 7 days, the SPCA will consider that the adoption agreement is void, and the adoption fee will not be refunded, should you return the animal to the shelter.  Any medical expenses incurred by you would remain your responsibility.

If the animal has any problems during the first week after adoption, prior to seeing the veterinarian, please contact the SPCA immediately, indicating that you adopted the animal from the shelter before the expiration of the first 7 days.

Mandatory Clause (Spaying and Neutering):

One of the major problems faced by the SPCA is pet overpopulation in our community.  Most of our animals are sterilized prior to adoption and the cost of sterilization is covered in the adoption fee.  A voucher will be issued for any animal that is not sterilized at the time of adoption.

Animal Adjustment in New Homes:

Some animals admitted to the shelter are strays.  If animals are brought in by their owners, we ask the owner to complete an admission sheet.  We cannot guarantee the animal will adjust to a new home.  In the agreement, clause 4 states that the SPCA does not guarantee the behaviour and adjustment of any of the animals we have for adoption.  We will not refund the adoption fee for any of the following reasons:  medical problems with people living in the same household (i.e. allergies) or behavioural/adjustment problems.  The animal can be returned with no additional charge within the first year of adoption, but refunds of the adoption fee are not provided.

Other Information on the Adoption Program:

We recommend that you use caution when introducing your new pet to other animals in the household.  Dogs should be introduced on neutral territory, outside of the home.  We highly recommend that all members of the household participate in the adoption process.  It is a principle of the SPCA not to sell animals as gifts.  You can purchase a gift certificate or bring the person who is to receive the gift to the shelter to choose which animal they would like.  All animals are fed dry pet food while in the shelter.  We ask that you continue to feed them this until they have adjusted to their new surroundings.  Shelter animals who are placed for adoption have received the Advantage flea treatment, which will be indicated in the animal's health record.  If you require any information after adoption, please contact the shelter giving particulars of the animal and the date of the contract - or bring the adoption contract with you if you go to the shelter.

Thank you.